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Greeting DoAnites...

Hey guys... Surprise !!! We still here & not leaving you guys. For those who wants us to do a come back, we appreciate your support on that. For those who don't, well suit yourself then. After discussed with Admin, we probably come to a conclusion. We'll make a come back but players won't be experiencing the same thing on what you guys had experienced in Reunion & DoA before... Hope we can be together again & try our best to build up this new server n bring it up to the top like just what we've had with RYL2 Reunion 7 years ago. See you guys very soon. Wish us the best of luck. Cheers.

Írta: VIP-Memphisto - Thursday 20 March 2014 - 23:12:33

The End of Our Story (February 3th 2014)

Dear our beloved DoAnites,

It hard for me to say that every living things in this world will come to its end , it just a matter of when, how and why.

As everyone specially Admins knows that its not easy to satisfied everyone, but we'll ensure everything that going to be done are good for every players. Well, every servers has it own speciality, we do have that speciality too but since too much new underdog servers keep coming out n ruining the best of RYL2 experiences, non of good and great servers can stands on for too long anymore. We have to follow their ways to compete with each other where unintentionally we too ruining the best of RYL2 experiences as well.

Unfortunately and sadly to inform that RYL2 Dawn Of The Ages will come to its end immediately. Reluctantly we would like to tell that RYL2 Dawn Of The Ages will be shutted down for good on today 2nd of March 2014 at 1.00am (+8 GMT). We will make a comeback and maybe wont, we never knows and no other plans yet. If we made a comeback, we'll make sure it gonna be the best of what can we do to ensure we archieve our glorious moments just like what we had on RYL2 Reunion era those years before.

We would like to thank you to all players that supported us since day 1 on year 2006 of RYL2 Reunion till the end. We extremely appreciate of all your supports to make sure our team is the longest RYL2 private server ever period.

Wish you guys all the best out there. Our last words, choose the right private servers that really wan to brought back the old school RYL1 and RYL2 style and experience. Believe us, its the best of what u can have. Old school ways will be always the best ever to play...

We all have had a long history together whether Staff or Players and the 7 years of memories we have shared have been wonderful. Remember the bad times and cherish the great times. We wish you all good luck in the future as RYL2 Dawn Of The Ages will be closing permanently. We appreciate you all being the most loyal members any server can ask for. So this is farewell to you all. May the memories we’ve shared live on.


Írta: Admin-DoA - Saturday 01 March 2014 - 11:30:07

CNY Patch Update - Event Ended On 10th February 2014 At 12.00pm (+8GMT)

CNY Patch Update

-Added Ang Pau With Higher Quantity Of Ores & Gems
- Treasure Guardian Item Drop Setting Fixed
- Santa Head Has Been Removed

Írta: VIP-Memphisto - Friday 31 January 2014 - 01:46:44

CNY Zenith +35% & HC Gears Set Package Promotion until 10th February 2014

Click Here For Paypal User ---> PAYPAL

Zenith  +35% Promotion

90 + 32 = 122  : RM 30

200 + 70 = 270 : RM 60

300 + 105 = 405 : RM 90

560 + 196 = 756 : RM 150

1350 + 473 = 1823 : RM 300 (BEST VALUE BUYS)  

HC Gears Set Pakages

[ Read the rest ... ]

Írta: VIP-Memphisto - Thursday 30 January 2014 - 23:46:04

Pre CNY Zenith Promotion from 18th - 24th Jan 2014

50% Off For This 3 Zenith Packages
Promotion valid from 18th -24th January 2014

300 Zenith : RM 45 (From RM 90)

450 + 110 (25%)  = 560 Zenith : RM 75 (From RM 150)

900 + 450 (50%)  = 1350 Zenith : RM 150 (From RM 300)

For Paypal what you have to do to get the discount is to key in this
50% Discount Code : CNY2014


Írta: VIP-Memphisto - Saturday 18 January 2014 - 00:18:08

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